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Halloween 2017

Learning4Fun: Ancient Egyptians

The traditions of Ancient Egyptians and their obsession with the afterlife is a topic which still fascinates today. Journey back thousands of years in time with Egyptomania authors Emma Giuliani and Carole Saturno to discover how a mummy was made and why. Read more..

  • Learning4Fun: Our Innovators

    Ni4kids takes a closer look at three remarkable innovators who hailed from this small corner of the world but made a big global impact… More..

  • When should I start preparing my child for Transfer Test 2017?

    As half term approaches many P6 parents who wish their child to sit the Transfer Test next year will be thinking about the run up to the test and what they should do to make sure their child has the best possible chance of success. More..

  • Parents’ Opinion: Put To The Test

    There was a sea change in early September when Education Minister Peter Weir issued new guidance to primary schools giving them the freedom to choose if teachers wish to actively help pupils in P6 and P7 prepare to sit a grammar school transfer test. More..

  • Learning4Fun: A History of Art

    From cave paintings 40,000 years ago to abstract-expressionist New York, acclaimed author and art historian Michael Bird transports young readers on a journey across continents to introduce the lives and works of history’s greatest artists… More..

  • Learning4Fun - Investigate How Far You Can Tip Forward

    Every object has a centre of gravity. This is the exact point that our weight is evenly spread around. As you start to lean over, your centre of gravity is no longer over your feet. Your weight is not supported and you fall over! More..

  • A Bug's Life

    Did you know that there are over 4,000 species of pollinating insect in the UK! This includes our bumblebees, butterflies, moths, flies and even some beetles. Suzanne Burgess, Conservation Officer with Buglife explores some common species you might find i More..

  • Kitchen Table Maths

    The kitchen is at the heart of the family home and it’s also a treasure trove for learning maths. Here’s some inspiration to get you started from Ged McBreen, the maths teacher behind Komodo maths. More..






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