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March 2014

How Family Friendly is your Workplace?

Is being a working parent a right? Or a lifestyle choice that should get no other consideration other than current legislation offers? We asked Ni4kids readers 'what's your opinion?' Read more..

  • Work and Families

    Paul Blease, Employment Relations Manager with the Labour Relations Agency (NI) Helpline gives a helpful summary of the current legislation in relation to work and families. (Feb 2014) More..

  • From here to Paternity

    In times gone by, it wouldn’t have been unusual for a father’s involvement in the birth of his child to be nowhere near the hospital, had a pint ‘to wet the baby’s head’, and a half day off work, if the boss was feeling generous. More..

  • Party politics

    In this age of austerity one might suggest that the office Christmas party should be automatically cancelled. Despite unfortunate job losses, tightening budgets and apprehension about the future, it is important for employers to keep up the morale of the More..

  • Bullied at work?

    You shouldn’t have to put up with bullying at work. We have asked the Labour Relations Agency to describe what bullying is, how to tell if you are being bullied, what you can do to stop it and what legal action, if any, you can take. More..

  • Stress in the workplace

    Pressure is part and parcel of all work and helps to keep us motivated. But excessive pressure can lead to stress which undermines performance, is costly to employers and can make people ill. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that in the UK 13.5 More..

  • Your flexible friend

    by the Labour Relations Agency More..

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