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Our pick of the best sites on the web for entertaining the kids online.

1. The site is sectioned into preschool, girls, boys, teens and families so there’s plenty to keep everyone amused. There’s preview of the film Prince of Persia and information on the Alice in Wonderland movie too. For younger boys, they’ll love the different games on the site including ones for Wall E, Camp Rock and there are over 100 to choose from. For girls, you can enter the character world of figures like Hannah Montana, the Jonas brothers, the Princess and the Frog and Alice in Wonderland.
2. : This site includes wacky facts on the human body, weather and nature and outer space. It’s easy to navigate around and has sections for recipes, magic tricks and jokes and riddles. Check out the Weird Science section to find fun experiments to do with your kids that teach them about physics, chemistry, biology, weather, and more.
3. : Sure to be popular with younger boys and girls, with a number of clicks, you have your very own personalised superhero. Characters include Spider-Man, Iron Man and Elektra and the finished masterpiece can be downloaded, printed or even posted on to a gallery to be rated by other visitors to the site.
4. : Lots of information on popular children’s programmes like The Legend of Dick and Dom, Tracy Beaker, ChuckleVision and Cartoon Works. The different games have all been given a star rating by kids and are divided up into sections like music and art, animals and nature and action and sport.
5. : This site is from the people behind the popular Build-A-Bear workshop, where you can create your own stuffed animal and dress them in different outfits. There’s some unique games and challenges here with the chance to build your own bear online, choosing boy or girl and then then accessorising with different clothing.
6. : This is a quirky virtual world, which has an emphasis on culture and learning. Recommended for kids aged from six up, children can visit Shakespeare’s home, go on quests with Galileo and collect dinosaurs. Their adventures can then be recorded in the online magazine.
7. : This site presents itself as a place where kids can find out about the ‘fun stuff’ from museums. In the games and fun section, everything has an educational and learning slant, from trying your hand to drawing a Buddha’s face to choosing your own action hero and creating your own comic.
8. : A child friendly alternative to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, this social networking site is hugely popular with over 28 million users. You sign up, adopt a penguin and you can play games, submit your artwork, customise your very own igloo and there are different sections where kids can print out colouring pages, read suggestions for outdoor activities and try out recipes.
9. : One for the girls, this is a site is where you can adopt a doll and try out new hairstyles, clothes and accessories. Kids can also dress up their favourite girlie celebrity like Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton or Ashley Tisdale.
10. : This is a free online virtual pet for kids of all ages. There’s daily puzzles to solve, keep a Monster blog and make friends with the other inhabitants of Monstro City.

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