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Autumn 2011

Jolie Dennison

1. Cover your work area with an old tablecloth or newspaper.
2. To create a picture frame, place a piece of A4 paper on the centre of a piece of white card. The card should be several centimetres larger than the paper. Carefully trace around the paper with a crayon.
3. Starting from the centre of the card, cut toward the edge and stop at about a centimeter before the crayon line. Turn the scissors and cut out a rectangle, using the crayon line as a guide. Make sure you always stay about a centimetre inside the crayon line, rather than cutting directly on it, as this will make the frame fit the page better.
4. Starting at the edge of the card, cut a wavy line all the way around. Use the crayon line as a guide again, but this time cut on the outside of the line.
5. Randomly cover two A4 pages with autumn colours, such as red, orange and yellow. Using the sides of the crayons will help to cover a lot of area quickly, as well as create a smoother application. Go over the pages several times, letting the colours overlap.
6. Crunch the pages into a tight ball to create lots of wrinkles.
7. Flatten the pages out and rub the side of a brown crayon all over them.
8. On another A4 page, draw a brown tree with lots of branches.
9. To create leaves, tear one of the autumn coloured pages into loads of small pieces and place them in a tray.
10. Use a glue stick to apply the leaves to the tree. Overlap them, just like on a real tree.
11. Tear the second page into large pieces and cover the entire frame, using the glue stick to attach them.
12. Turn the frame over, fold the excess paper and glue it to the back of the frame. You could do this on both the inner and outer edge of the frame if you like. I left the outside edge alone because I liked the way it looked rough and leafy.
13. Set the picture face down on top of the frame and attach it with masking tape.
14. For a little extra pizazz, you could use the tip of your finger to rub a tiny bit of gold paint all over the frame. This is optional and your picture will look great with or without it!

Top tip: If you would like a detailed background, colour it in before you add the leaves. Originally, I thought I wanted just the autumn colours of the tree and later decided I would like a blue sky. It would have been much easier if I didn’t have to colour between all the leaves!

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Article submitted by Jolie Dennison, artist and children’s art facilitator
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