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10 October 2016

When should I start preparing my child for Transfer Test 2017?

As half term approaches many P6 parents who wish their child to sit the Transfer Test next year will be thinking about the run up to the test and what they should do to make sure their child has the best possible chance of success.

The first test takes place around the middle of November 2017 so the challenge your son or daughter faces is to take on board the P6 curriculum and a large majority of the P7 curriculum between now and next November.

Learning time is crucial as there are many new concepts which need to be introduced and your child needs time to digest these and work on examples to build confidence.

English skills need to be assessed and bad habits with punctuation and spelling need to be worked on. Understanding of nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, homophones and contractions need to be thorough. Your child must also be confident skimming and scanning questions and texts.

Problem solving methods need to be worked on in maths, to be able to extract relevant information and find an answer efficiently, which is the key to success for the Transfer Test. A solid foundation in times tables, decimals, fractions and percentages is required
along side a good grasp of measure, shape and the use of statistics.

Don't panic! You have a whole year. This is plenty of time to prepare and allows time to build in the revision of concepts to consolidate understanding as well as the opportunity to be introduced to
past paper questions. This helps build confidence by building on success and learning from mistakes. The aim is to maintain a steady pace of progress which peaks as the first test approaches.

At On Target Tuition we have a lot of experience guiding children and supporting parents successfully through this process. We begin with an assessment from which we can recognise strengths and pinpoint areas of weakness to tailor a programme of study designed to help them
achieve their own personal targets as they move towards the test.

Our lessons are 80 minutes long, which allows us to work on both English and maths as well as past papers.Our tuition involves
extensive past paper practice in both the AQE and GL Assessment papers, which is vital to improve exam technique after the key concepts have been taught.

For more information or advice please call us at our Lisburn Centre on 9267 5071. Visit

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