Award Categories

Family Visitor Attraction of the Year

This award is for a visitor attraction that provides the ultimate family day out across a number of platforms including value for money, entertainment, facilities and enjoyment.

Family Event of the Year

At Ni4kids we love letting you know about great family events happening throughout the year. Without them what would we do with the kids at the weekend? We want you to tell us what was your favourite family event of 2015/16 and why?

Family Support Organisation of the Year

All of us need a little help and advice now and again. In Northern Ireland there are a multitude of organisations that solely exist to offer families an extra shoulder to lean on once in a while. This award is in recognition of their efforts.

Coach or Tutor of the Year

Every child is unique and has their own interests. This could be in drama, dance, art, music, sport or extra tuition in an academic subject. This award will recognise a coach, instructor or group leader who really goes the extra mile for your children.

Primary School Teacher of the Year

People say teaching is a vocation not a job. In every school there will be a special teacher who deserves high praise for their devotion to the children in their class and their school. If you know a teacher who does so much more than a 9 – 3 job, please nominate them for this award.

Childcare of the Year Award

This award is for a nursery, childminder or healthcare professional who constantly goes above and beyond their normal duties creating a warm, safe and loving environment for children. This award can be for an individual or a team.

Family restaurant of the Year

Dining out with children is not always easy. This award recognises establishments that offer good food, value, great facilities and a warm welcome to diners of all ages.

Family friendly business of the Year

This award is for your favourite family friendly business. It could be a local or online store that offers great value family service and products. A baby and toddler class that you really enjoy or your child’s favourite after school activity, leisure centre or soft play. Or perhaps it’s your place of work because of their fantastic family friendly HR policies or a company who really helps the families in their local community. Who gets your vote for family friendly business of the year?s

Mum of the Year

Where would we be without them? Mum’s make so many sacrifices for their children every day. Is your mum amazing and would you like everyone to know about everything she does for you and your family. Nominate your mum to be crowned the Ni4kids mum of the year.

Dad of the Year

Aren’t Dads great. Taxi-driver, sports coach, friend and teacher all rolled into one. We want to hear about the best Dads in Northern Ireland to find our Dad of the Year.

Child of the Year

This award could be made to a child who has made an outstanding achievement, academically in music or sport, or for a child that that shown outstanding courage coping with personal circumstances or performed an act of bravery.

Grandparent of the Year

A huge number of grandparents enable families to cope with modern working life by caring for their grandchildren and supporting their families. Tell us about yours and why they are truly the grandparent of the year.

NB – Ni4kids and the judging panel will reserve the right to reassign all nominations into the category which they feel is the most appropriate. Nominations submitted may be used in future issues of Ni4kids magazine to promote the awards. Nominations selected to appear in the magazine are no indication of the judge’s final selection of a winner for any award category.

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