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How to Make a Flower Sculpture

Spring has sprung and summer is well on its way, so you’ve only to look outside your door for lots of inspiration on this nature craft. These wonderful flower sculptures are as lovely as the flowers in your garden, but don’t need water, will last all year

Supplies needed: cardboard tube (mailing tube, kitchen roll, Pringles can or whatever you have on hand), heavy card, PVA glue, glue spreader, small bowl for glue, scissors, tape, paint, paint tray, paintbrush, pencil, newspaper, tissue paper. Optional: crayons, felt tips, coloured construction paper, paper plate

1. Cover your work area with an old tablecloth.
2. Paint the cardboard tube green and set it aside to dry. This is going to be the flower’s stem.
3. Draw 5 large petal shapes on a piece of card, cut them out, paint them any colours you like and set aside to dry. If you prefer, you can cut the petals from coloured construction paper or colour them with crayons and felt tips instead of paint.
4. Scrunch a piece of newspaper into a tight ball. Fold a large sheet of tissue paper in half and carefully wrap it around the newspaper ball. This is going to be the centre of your flower, so choose a colour that you want to be in the middle of the petals.
5. Scrunch the excess tissue paper into a long shape, so that the whole thing looks like a round lollipop on a stick. Wrap tape around the “stick” part, then put it in one ond of the cardboard tube and tape it all together. If you like, you can add a little extra colour with paint, but be careful, as tissue paper is fragile!
6. Make a small fold at one end of each of the petals and tape them onto the green “stem”, around the round tissue paper ball. You can hide the tape by taping from underneath. Make sure to tape it really well!
7. Scrunch a different colour of tissue paper into tiny balls and glue them randomly around the ball that is the centre of your flower.
8. Voila! You’ve made a flower that even Mother Nature would be proud of! Set it on a table or your dresser and enjoy.

Bonus tip: If your flower tips over, you can tape the bottom of it to a paper plate to help balance it.

Article submitted by Jolie Dennison, artist and children’s art facilitator
Tel: 07575 366899

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